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September 10, 2008


george Webster


Flippers are a no-go.

Where are you based in Oz?

Do you want to email/phone chat about the race ?

If yes, how best to contact you ?

Are you thinking of joining one of the 2 Aussie tour groups ?(Sydney and Melb based).

George W.

Sally Goble

I'm pretty sure they are not allowed Bruce - but sure that flippers would be fun but not necessary - I'm not a fast swimmer but still finished the year I did it. Good luck!

bruce alcorn

I'm thinking of doing it this year.
Can I use flippers or are they prohibited?
(from Oz)

george webster


I have just completed the 2010 swim. The conditions were horrendous, with the event almost cancelled and swimmers told to swim at their own risk as safety boats would be unable to pick swimmers up from the water due to the conditions. Further, the boats scheduled to act as 'target' boats to assist in navigation, would not be there.

Thank God for the communications tower. We started off from the beach, having to swim in a direction some 60 degrees to the left of the straight line route to the finish.

As a result, only 253 competitors out of 471 actually made it to the finish. This failure rate of around 45% was indicative of the conditions, where many swimmers were simply swept past the finishing point by the current. Worst conditions in the 24 year history of the race. The next morning, there was not even a ripple.

Incredibly, the race was fast, with the winner coming in with a time of 39 minutes plus. Although we swam for the first 1.5km into a strong wind and a 2-3 ft wind chop, the same elements assisted when we made the run for home.

I was expecting around 70-75 mins, and finished in 55 and a half.

Great to have done it......and survive.

Geo. W.

Sally Goble

Oh, you should be fine then. Get as fast as you can - lots of sprint work - don't be fooled into thinking that because it's a distance you can just plod up and down - and on the day just follow instructions and go the way they tell you to. As long as you don't overshoot the finish you should be fine. Enjoy it - it's a fab swim - and if you haven't listened to this have a listen:


Good luck!

george webster


Yes, I am doing the swim this August, and I understand the open water differences.

Your input however, does give me some sort of yard stick. I am doing about the same time in the pool as you were.

Many thanks.

Cheers, George W.

Sally Goble

Hey George - is that because you are doing the Dardenelles swim?

I don't think you can really compare pool and ocean times - but I think at the time I did the swim I was swimming just under 3k an hour. However the crossing times can vary greatly depending on route and weather conditions and all the rest of it.

George Webster

Hi Sally,

I am trying to get a better idea as to the equivalent swim distance.

Given your Dardanelles swim time of 75 mins, could you advise what your typical olympic pool training swim times were for say, 3 or 4km?

Regards, George, Sydney, Australia.


So I think that there is good information here. Thanks for the contribution!


Or Register via SwimTrek.com Sounds like they do a great job of taking care of all the details for you.


Not sure I can paste a link here. Just google canakkale rotary club to find the web site.


I just got this info from the Çanakkale Rotary Club which organizes the event:

The info on the 2009 event will be updated on their site on 15 July 2009.

Registration for the event will start on 1st August 2009


ive been trying to find info on the web of how to enter this swim and get details of it and cant find anything, can you help at all?! please!

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