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April 02, 2011


Kate Robarts

Sally, thanks for blogging this. I did the 12 miles in 2008 and recognise so much of what you felt! Very well done for having the grit to do 12 miles in training! I'm deeply impressed. I'm doing the 24 with you this time. Looking forward so much to meeting you.

Joanna Charlton

Really enjoyed reading your blog Sally, well done! Great distance! Look forward to reading more re your training, and the event too! Very inspiring.

Sally Goble

Thanks Erika! Look forward to meeting you and hearing your cheers and probably looking miserably up at you when having a sense of humour failure (sorry in advance! hee hee)

Erika Cule

Impressive training, Sally!

I am volunteering, not swimming, on the day, so I shall see you then. I will be on poolside cheering you on.

Best of luck with the prep between now and then.


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